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Game of Thrones wins Hugo Award for Red Wedding episode

There isn’t a show more popular on television that Game of Thrones, but for some reason the show never manages to rake in the awards like it probably should.

Outside of being a thrilling story to follow, Game of Thrones is a technical marvel as the episodes cost as much as independent movies and the results are outstanding. But every so often, the story of the show and the technical feats come together to wow critics so much that they can’t help but honor the show.

That’s what happened this week, as according to Blastr, Game of Thrones took home a Hugo for the Red Wedding episode as well as The Rains of Castamere episode.

On the TV and film side of the evening, Game of Thrones took home the award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form for its devastating “Red Wedding” episode, “The Rains of Castamere.”

What makes this so special is that the Best Presenation Award is the Hugo equivalent to Best Picture. Game of Thrones beat out Doctor Who and Orphan Black for the award which isn’t a small feat and it further highlights how powerful the show is and how lasting some of its biggest moments are.

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The Mountain actor wins Europe’s Strongest Man competition

The Mountain may be one of the strongest characters in Game of Thrones but the actor who plays him can now share a similar title in reality.

Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain on Game of Thrones, was recently crowned the strongest man in Europe and did so in a fashion that the character he place would be proud of. Rather than be humble about being the strongest man in Europe, Bjornsson became a legend not when he completed the Atlas stones but when he ripped his shirt open and screamed out that he was the King of Stones and the “future of strength”.

Check out the fantastic feat below:

What the victory means is that Bjornsson is now qualified for the World’s Strongest Man competition which would be amazing if he won. Don’t take his adrenaline fueled outburst after the Atlas stones as a sign that Bjornsson is anything but humble. He’s a strongman competitor who happened to get lucky and find the role of a lifetime, a role that only he can seemingly fill, on Game of Thrones.

You still might not want to cross him though as both The Mountain and the actor who plays him have eye-popping talents that make them terrifying human beings to behold.

[Toronto Sun]

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George R.R. Martin, abrumado por sus fans
George R.R. Martin, abrumado por sus fans
"Me gustaría dar una palmada y que todos los teléfonos con cámara del mundo ardieran". Así de contundente se muestra George R.R. Martin, el autor de Canción de hielo y fuego, que dice estar más que cansado de hacerse fotos con sus fans y especialmente de los selfies.

En una entrevista con el diario The Guardian el escritor responsable de la saga en la que se basa la popular serie de HBO Juego de tronos confesó que no lleva muy bien eso de ser un rostro conocido en todo el globo.

Martin, de 65 años, admite que hay cosas “agradables” de ser una persona famosa pero que otras no lo son tanto, como su pérdida de privacidad. “Hay demasiados fans, son infinitos. ¡Ah, y luego están los selfies! Si pudiera dar una palmada y hacer que todos los teléfonos con cámara del mundo ardieran… ¡juro que lo haría!”, afirma indignado.

Pero el escritor no solo siente sobre sus hombros el peso de la fama, también es consciente de la ansiedad e incluso urgencia con la que los fans —y también sus editores y directivos de HBO— esperan la próxima novela de la saga.

"Tengo que ser consciente de que los libros son por lo que finalmente voy a ser juzgado en el futuro. Si todavía se leen novelas dentro 50 años, nadie va a decir:" ¡Lo mejor del sexto libro es que se entregó en su fecha límite!’", sentencia Martin que afirma que "nadie quiere terminarlo más que yo".

Actualmente el autor trabaja en el sexto libro de la saga: Vientos de invierno que todavía no tiene fecha de publicación. Luego llegará Sueño de primavera, la que en teoría será la última novela de la saga Canción de hielo y fuego.

El rodaje de la quinta temporada de Juego de tronos está a punto de arrancar. Y algunas secuencias de los nuevos capítulos tendrán como escenario Sevilla, ciudad que servirá de emplazamiento del reino de Dorne, gobernado por Doran Martell, personaje al que dará vida Alexander Siddig.

La quinta temporada de Juego de tronos se estrenará en HBO en abril de 2015. En España la serie puede seguirse en Canal +.

El agobio del autor respecto al abrumador asalto de fans se debe, en parte, a su reciente paso por la Feria del Libro de Edimburgo. Allí contestó a muchas preguntas del público asistente. Una de ellas se refería a la ausencia de sexo gay en sus libros de la saga de Juego de tronos, algo que sí está presente en la serie.

El escritor explicó que se encuentra “más limitado” que la adaptación televisiva de su obra, ya que los libros están narrados desde el punto de vista de los personajes. “Francamente, es la manera en que prefiero escribir ficción porque esa es la manera en que todos nosotros experimentamos la vida. Usted me ve desde su punto de vista, no ve lo que otras personas están viendo aquí”, explicó en una entrevista a The Guardian.

De esta manera, como ninguno de los personajes que narran la historia es gay, no hay sexo explícito gay en la saga Canción de hielo y fuego. “Una serie de televisión no tiene esas limitaciones”, dijo. “¿Cambiará esto? Podría ser. He recibido cartas de fans que querían que escribiera más sexo explícito masculino, y la mayoría de esas cartas eran de mujeres”.

"No voy a hacerlo por el simple hecho de hacerlo", advirtió en este sentido. "Si la trama se presta a ello, si uno de mis personajes está en esa situación, entonces no voy a evitarlo, pero no puedes meter cosas solo porque todo el mundo quiera verlas".

"Esto no es una democracia", puntualizó. "Si fuera una democracia, entontes Joffrey habría muerto hace mucho".


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Meet the new editor of Winter Is Coming


WIC Editor, Zack Luye, will no longer be leading the site. Zack was forced to step away because of scheduling issues that will prevent him from giving his full attention to WIC. Hey, running the biggest Game of Thrones podcast on the planet is no small task!  Game of Owns will continue to be the official podcast of Winter is Coming. A really special thanks to Zack, who did an awesome job managing WIC the last six months. While we are sad to see Zack depart, we are excited for Rowan Kaiser, the site’s new editor, to introduce himself.

Hi, everyone. I’m Rowan Kaiser, and I’m extremely excited to begin my watch as the new editor of Winter is Coming on August 25th. Game Of Thrones and A Song Of Ice And Fire are some of the best and most fascinating stories being told in popular culture today. Being able to work with one of the biggest sites and communities for both the books and show is, in many ways, a culmination of my life and career as a reader, fan, and critic.

“Such a splendid tale and such a fantistorical! I read my eyes out!” This was my first encounter with A Game Of Thrones, an Anne McCaffrey quote used by the Science Fiction Book Club to advertise A Game Of Thrones. I’d never heard the term “fantistorical” before, but figuring out its meaning wasn’t difficult: this was a story about human conflict and political power, instead of a hero’s journey to save the world from evil wizards, as most fantasy I read at the time was. So I bought it. And it blew my mind about what fantasy could be. It blew everyone’s minds about what fantasy could be.

Then I devoured the second book. And the third. Along the way, I named my new family cat “Imp” after Tyrion. (He’s sixteen years old now, still adorable, less impish.) In the last couple years, the HBO show brought it all back. A Song Of Ice And Fire is still the type of story I want to discuss, share, and love. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past four years, it’s that I’m not alone. You all—we all—have found something compelling in these stories.

I’ve been working as a television critic for the past several years, primarily at The A.V. Club, where I’ve reviewed shows like Veronica Mars, Babylon 5, The Originals, and Bob’s Burgers. I’m also a video game critic, currently writing a book about the Mass Effect trilogy of games, and I’ve been published at sites like Ars Technica, IGN, Joystiq, and many others. If you’d like to see a full portfolio, here you go.

My Game Of Thrones-specific work includes this Storify on the show’s geography and military strategy, and this American Prospect piece on how the Red Wedding reinforced the story’s analysis of patriarchal systems. I also reviewed the second season of the show at Indiewire Pressplay.

As editor of Winter Is Coming, I’d like to make two things happen. First, I want to reinforce this site’s existing strengths. This is one of the top Game Of Thrones sites on the Internet, and it got that way for a reason. Let’s make sure that what has made this site great stays around.

Second, I want to take that foundation and build on it. I want more. I want more interviews, analysis, feature writing, explaining, news, debates, reviews, and more. I want Winter Is Coming to be the home of Game Of Thrones and A Song Of Ice And Fire conversations of all kinds. I want those discussions to be ongoing here. I want this to be a site that examines this dense and fascinating series from as many different angles as it can support—and it can support a lot. Toward that end, there are a few regular features I’d like to announce immediately.

  • Starting next week, I’m going to review every episode of Game Of Thrones up to the end of the fourth season on Tuesdays—so there will be a “Winter Is Coming” review on August 26th, if you want to watch along.
  • I’m also planning to start a weekly series of Game Of Thrones debates as soon as we can work out the schedule, with questions like “Is it bad if the TV show gets ahead of the books?”
  • Finally, I’d like more expansive discussions of Game Of Thrones, what influenced it, and what it has influenced, which may include conversations about other TV shows, fantasy novels, video games, films, and more. (Oh yes, we’re gonna talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition.)

And now my watch begins. Let’s game some thrones, everyone!

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New Game of Thrones season 5 set photos


Game of Thrones season five is currently filming in various parts of the world and thanks to a loyal reader, we’ve got a new batch of set photos.

These come from Split, Croatia.

From reader Goran:

Hey guys. Here are some pics from the new GoT set in Split! :) This is in front of an abandoned hotel “Zagreb” on the “Duilovo” beach. That is located on the eastern part of the city of Split. Enjoy. :)

More photos after the jump.

The architecture and detail here looks pretty fancy. I can’t help but wondering if this will be part of the set for Dorne. There is probably a good chance that we will see Dorne this season, considering the death of Oberyn Martell was never really resolved during season four.

What do you guys think? Is this going to be a set for Dorne, King’s Landing or somewhere else? Also, how about that view in the last picture?

Thanks again to Goran for the tip.






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Game of Thrones Modern AUTime Magazine Edition… http://ift.tt/1Bux9GQ

Game of Thrones Season 5: New Structures Being Built In Dubrovnik


Season five of Game of Thrones is currently filming and we’re starting to learn more and more about the story that will be involved and what characters will face certain challenges as the season unfolds.

The latest bit of story filming news comes from our friends at  Englishman in Dubrovnik (spoilers at the link) who passed along some photos of new potential set structures being constructed. 

With season five of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones set to be filmed in Dubrovnik again at the end of this month it appears that the island of Lokrum will again be a location. Two large wooden constructions have appeared in the middle of the island near the Benedictine Monastery. An area of land has been cleared for the buildings and an ancient stone wall and steps in the vicinity have also been repaired and cleaned. Directly between the two wooden buildings stands a palm tree, it what seems like a new location for the fifth season of Game of Thrones. Lokrum, which is situated 600 metres from the historic walled city of Dubrovnik, has already been used as a location for Game of Thrones.

There have already been reports of a spolilery (Is spoilery a word? It is now.) nature circulating the web about one scene in particular that will be shot in Dubrovnik. The scene is mentioned at the link if you care to read about it.


Not much can be gleaned from these structures as far as we can tell but they will certainly be something we will continue to keep an eye on as they come together.

There are two more photos at Englishman in Dubrovnik.

Any ideas on what these structures will be used for?

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Paid Editor Gigs Available With FanSided

FanSided, WIC’s parent company, is looking to add writers and editors to a number of our entertainment and lifestyle sites. Editor gigs are paid opportunities. XxeIHl86_400x400

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