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Charles Dance discusses return to Game Of Thrones Season 5…wait, what?


When we last saw Lord Tywin Lannister, he was not, shall we say, in a condition that seemed conducive to further appearances on Game Of Thrones. Yet today, MTV, interviewing the actor on the Dracula Untold junket, asked the seemingly innocuous question, “Are you sad to be missing out on the next series of Game Of Thrones?” and received a rather surprising response….

Dance replied with “Um. Well. I’m not completely missing out on the next series. More than that I’m not going to say. A-ha, you haven’t seen the last of Tywin Lannister.” Insert record scratch noise here. And onto the speculation.

All right, we know that “dead is dead” is not exactly the book’s policy at this point, thanks largely to feral Red Priests running around, not to mention unscrupulous would-be Maesters. Still, a character this major making a reappearance in that fashion would be a massive surprise.

A more likely path, and one the show has gone down before with another dead patriarch, is that somehow Tywin could be used as a mouthpiece by another force, as Khal Drogo was used to deliver a prophecy to Dany at the end of Season 2.

Alternately, Game Of Thrones could start utilizing flashbacks, a narrative tool that it’s avoided (somewhat surprisingly.) An argument in favor of both the flashback and the prophecy is that this season, much like A Feast For Crows, will have a big focus on Cersei Lannister. At this point in the novels, Cersei is fixated on both prophecy and memory. Thanks to the apparent casting of the seer Maggy The Frog in this season, the show looks like it’ll be taking that path as well. I’d expect Dance would appear in that manner.

Or perhaps Dance’s teased return is much more prosaic–we may just see Tywin’s corpse for a funeral. That would fit under “not completely missing.”

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The WiCnet Awards: Season 4′s Best Sidekick

WiCnet Awards Banner

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Fourth Annual WiCnet awards. Or as I think of them (to borrow the structure of many awards shows out there), the WiCCiEs. This site has done awards for the previous Game of Thrones season every autumn, and we’re continuing the tradition.

As in years past, we’ll be bringing you several different categories over the coming weeks, from the more traditional ones like “Best Actor” or “Best Action Sequence” to more in-story ones, like “Best Performance as a Villain.” As always, the results are all up to you.

There is one change we will be making this year, and that’s how we go about announcing the winner. Last year, the way it worked was that all the winners were saved up and then announced at the very end of the process all at once. Instead we’ll be announcing the winners of each poll the following week. This does mean you have to hurry up and vote in order to be counted. We’ll be closing the polls the next Wednesday after the Friday vote. So for instance, today’s vote is Friday, September 19th. Therefore we’ll close the polls on Wednesday the 24th at midnight EST, then reflect on the winner in a post on Thursday. So vote early and comment often!

To start us off, here’s our first category: Best Performance As A Sidekick In Season 4.

One more change from years past. This year, we will be taking your nominations ahead of time for the next week’s poll in the comments. So as you vote today, think about who you would like to see nominated for next week’s round:

“Best Action Sequence In Season 4″

Let us know how you want to see nominated and we’ll make sure that they are added to our list.

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First Pictures from Game of Thrones Filming at Sibenik Cathedral


OOOOOH. Don’t you just love the “Hurry Up and Wait” shots of everyone in costume waiting to start filming?

So everyone knows, I am super excited for the scenes next season between Cersei Lannister and the man who will become the next High Septon in King’s Landing, the High Sparrow. Not only for the plot points, which I will not spoil here, but for watching the interactions between Lena Headey and Jonathan Pryce who is a fantastic actor. Game of Thrones always manages to cast such high caliber actors.

The following photos were sent to us by a tipster who told us the following: “The area is cordoned off so nobody can access it but people who live by the cathedral have an unrestricted view.”

Can you imagine looking down from your apartment on the Cathedral courtyard and watch the show get filmed every day? I would take every vacation and sick day I have and then some for that. So cool.

The views are from very high up, and there’s no zooming in, so it’s hard to tell who is who. Feel free to try and identify in the comments!


I think that may be Pryce in the center, but I’m not sure.


I’m looking to see if Cersei or her entourage are here, but I can’t figure out who they are, if they are there at all. Perhaps this is just the High Sparrow and his flock of believers?


Clearly they must be, since there’s a gold cloak in the courtyard. Too bad everything’s in shadow and it’s hard to see.


According to SibenskiPortal.hr, who were the ones to publish these photographs from the locals, there are more than 200 extra in this scene. One of whom includes Sibenik Deputy Mayor Daniel Mile. (If you were Deputy Mayor, you’d pull rank to get in as an extra too–admit it.)

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Amazing handmade Game of Thrones board game from GenCon. via… http://ift.tt/1reMkQy

Amazing handmade Game of Thrones board game from GenCon. via… http://ift.tt/1reMkQy

"Printer Is Coming" via HBO Watch http://ift.tt/1mhzD6N

"Printer Is Coming" via HBO Watch http://ift.tt/1mhzD6N

George R.R. Martin Campaigning for Senator Tom Udall


We all know our beloved author of A Song of Ice and Fire keeps a very busy schedule, and has many varied and outside interests. That includes the politics of his home state, New Mexico.

With the US election only weeks away, and the Senate in the balance, Martin is stepping up to help incumbent Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) to retain his seat. Udall was first elected to the Senate in 2008. If he is successful, this will be his second term serving the people of New Mexico.

To that end, Martin is hosting a fundraiser on Udall’s behalf at his personal cinema in Santa Fe on October 7th. Anyone can enter to win and meet Martin. If you do enter and win, I would not advise asking when The Winds of Winter is coming out. Remember, every time you ask, Martin kills another Stark. You might try to ask about certain fan theories though, and see how far you get.

Details below.


From the press release, here’s how to enter:

George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones is jumping into New Mexico politics to support Senator Tom Udall. George and Tom are teaming up — with George hosting a fundraiser at his personal cinema in Santa Fe on October 7th on behalf of Tom.

One contest winner – and a friend – will win a trip to Santa Fe to attend the event and meet George and Tom at a V.I.P. reception. To enter, click here.

The public will also be able to buy tickets to have dinner with George and Tom, attend the VIP reception, or attend the main event. To enter, click here.

Martin has been long active in environmental causes, so it’s not surprising to see him support the Democratic candidate. Tom Udall is a pretty sure bet though. Last numbers from Election Projection put his with a comfortable double digit lead over the republican Allen Weh.

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“Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things”: WiC Remembers Season 1, episode 4,

cripples pycelle

The specter of history overshadows everything in “Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things”, an episode whose direct engagement with the recent past of the Seven Kingdoms was probably necessary, although maybe not entirely welcome. After all, the core problem for most viewers who hadn’t read the novels was that they had no idea what the history of Westeros was, so beyond simply not knowing who characters were, they didn’t have strong ideas of the history that grounded those relationships.

Therefore we get an episode filled primarily with exposition to fill these gaps. “Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things” isn’t anywhere near as boring as the book Ned Stark receives about the history of Westeros, but it fills a similar role of being an exposition-filled introduction with hidden, crucial clues.

The first subject of the “Who the hell is that guy?” is Theon Greyjoy, who’s been hanging around the periphery so far. This is probably the least effective part of the episode; Tyrion’s banter with Theon is amusing (“Your loyalty to your captors is indeed admirable”) and conveys that Theon may have multiple forces motivating him, but it isn’t clear why this is important. Nor is the scene between Jaime and Jory Cassel, about their meeting at the Battle Of Pyke, connected well enough to Theon’s story to make it clear that this is a relevant part of the recent history of the Seven Kingdoms. This may well be because other than the “who’s that guy?” aspect of it, it isn’t all that relevant until Season 2—Game Of Thrones definitely struggles with the proper level of foreshadowing here.

With that said, I do enjoy Jaime’s scene with Jory, for the sheer casual disdain Jaime has about, well, everything. What comes across in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s performance here is that Jaime Lannister is a man desperate for conversation, but unable to maintain interest in other people. Also, it seems like Coster-Waldau’s native accent creeps in, but it actually helps, I think, in that it gives him a slight sneer. The scene is also aided by the irony of knowing what happens in just a couple of episodes, making their fleeting human connection that much more tragic. However, as a history lesson, it announces little more than “yes, history exists!”

It just keeps coming, too. Littlefinger spends the tournament regaling Sansa with the history of the Clegane brothers. This is important, but it’s a change from the books, where it’s Sandor who tells the story and in so doing, gives that history a far more personal element. And Grand Maester Pycelle is an exposition machine with Ned Stark, although that fits his character perfectly.

cripples viserys doreah

The more successful major expository scene involves Viserys and Doreah, as she pumps him for information about dragons and his family’s history. Viserys Targaryen is a cardboard cutout of a villain before this point, throwing temper tantrums and demanding his birthright. “The brave men didn’t kill dragons. The brave men rode them.” As he discusses the fall of the dragons, we can see the sadness that undergirds his patheticness. The scene also serves Doreah well with the idea that she wants to be a dragon to fly away from anything, as well as killing her enemies. It establishes these two characters as the broken things. It also continues to establish magic, or at least rumor of magic, as something part-and-parcel of the show world, even as we don’t see much.

It’s absolutely critical for Game Of Thrones to engage with its history at this point in the show. This is not a complaint. There were many changes made from show to screen, but the biggest gap is that huge amounts of the history of the land and the individual characters were cut—like 90% of it. Almost all of these characters are defined by their roles in Robert’s Rebellion or its immediate aftermath, but those roles trail off behind them, instead of being woven into a coherent story. There are metaphorical advantages to presenting these characters as their individual histories—it gives all of them at least perceived depth—but the array of names and places is confusing without the overall context. (At the time, I suggested that HBO should have done some kind of special on Robert’s Rebellion to put it all into context, but I have no idea how that could have been done with the same excellent attention to detail as the show had.)

The other way to get around this issue: have events occur that give the show’s story its own history. As long as it’s entertaining or notable, there’s reason to work through the confusion. Some of that is plot-based—there’s a reason the episode ends with the first major public political act, instead of rumors and innuendo. From here on, we can know we’ll be dealing with the ramifications of Cat arresting Tyrion.

Cripples Tyrion

Another way that Game Of Thrones breaks free from the oppressive weight of its history is by being, well, fun. The characters most directly referenced by the title who are the standouts of the episode. Chief among them: Jon Snow, and that’s a relatively rare thing to say. Turning the Night’s Watch into a sort of high school drama, where the new kid gets harassed by the bullies until the hero stands up for him is a good way to have us learn who these previously personality-free characters are. It’s not a high school drama, though, and the ending monologue by Owen Teale about the actual dangers of the Watch is a fantastic way to subvert the good humor of the section, while also, again humanizing a previously petty bully. “You’re boys still. And come the winter, you’ll die. Like flies.”

The real star of this section is John Bradley as Sam Tarly. Again, he fits in a certain set of cliches: the bumbling sidekick, the cowardly boy who has to learn to become a man—but Bradley inhabits the role with such enthusiasm that it’s impossible not to like Sam. He also brings out the best in Jon. “You can’t fight. You can’t see. You’re afraid of heights and probably everything else. What are you doing here, Sam?” I’m not sure there’s any other episode where the Night’s Watch storyline is my favorite, but it’s true here.

cripples alliser sam

Finally, one of the oddest things about rewatching these early episodes is how much they hinge on a certain other kind of history: people trying to figure out what happened in the recent past. Both Cat and Ned have been shown working to uncover the truth about what happened to Bran Stark and Jon Arryn. These are treated as legit mysteries, which take time and patience to uncover. Most of the rest of the series is comprised characters acting and reacting, which makes Ned taking the time to do his sleuthing seem out-of-place now.

Yet this engagement with history is also stage-setting for what’s next. Yes, this episode is still awkward, but on almost every front, the story is moving forward and clearly moving forward and standing on its own. Game Of Thrones is building momentum as well as moments.

Notes And Quotes:

  • “I’m not a cripple!” “ Then I’m not a dwarf. My father will be delighted!” Tyrion delivering the saddle plans is a great moment for his character, especially as, from here until Season 4, he’s tied to being a Lannister.
  • They talk Roz up more than Rhaegar Targaryen in this episode. “Your next tumble with Roz is on me. I’ll try not to wear her out.”
  • The Doreah-Viserys scene is also the show’s first use of “sexposition,” which I suppose we’ll have to talk about at some point.
  • “That’s very sad.” “Yes it is. Why did I buy you? To make you sad?” There’s a clever touch here where Viserys having sex with Doreah seems like he’d bought her for himself, but an oblique meaning of her being hired to train Dany for his own Targaryen coupling with her later. I hadn’t noticed that before.
  • Another sneaky thing: Viserys reacting to the candle wax.
  • Ned basically gets a copy of Westerosi Wikipedia from Pycelle.
  • Speaking of, I love the Grand Maester’s room. That’s a great little set.
  • Ned tells Arya she’ll marry a high lord. “No. That’s not me.”
  • “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse.” Mmm, yes.
  • “Theon? He’s a good lad.” “I doubt that.” Foreshadowing alert!
  • “The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands.”
  • “I was also trained to kill my enemies. Your Grace.” “As was I.” Cersei, too, refuses to be one of the broken things.


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The Tragedy at Summerhall was a fire… http://ift.tt/1yhnX9D


The Tragedy at Summerhall was a fire… http://ift.tt/1yhnX9D


→ A fanmix for the dance of the dragons (129 AC… http://ift.tt/1p14K2j


→ A fanmix for the dance of the dragons (129 AC… http://ift.tt/1p14K2j


Valar Morghulis ring, from Etsy shop… http://ift.tt/1maCTkT


Valar Morghulis ring, from Etsy shop… http://ift.tt/1maCTkT